Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Managing Director,
New Delhi

Sub: Problems being faced by allottees presently residing in IRWO Palm Court, Greater Noida.

A number of requests have been made in the past to IRWO officials to keep the lifts functional with the help of back-up gensets during the entire period of power cuts normally lasting 3-4 hours/day as against only during school hours at present. The meeting with representatives of the allottees with GM/IRWO Greater Noida project on 06.10.2006 in this connection also refers. However, the requested arrangement has not been agreed to by the officials concerned and the following reasons have been cited.

a) Inadequate maintenance fund.
b) Actual occupancy less than 60%.
c) Austerity measures.
d) No-objection certificate not obtained from GNIDA.

2. There is a dire need for keeping the lifts always operational primarily because it is also used by a vulnerable section of occupants such as the elderly, children and persons afflicted with hypertension among others. The plea of inadequate maintenance fund is grossly incorrect as the corpus of maintenance fund is at IRWO’s disposal with most of the allottees having paid up the same and penalty is liable to be realized from those who are yet to pay. As far as occupancy of the flats is concerned, it may be mentioned that it is due to non-operation of lifts during power cuts that has led to potential tenants shying away from availing themselves of the flats on lease. Also, the onus for the abnormal delay in obtaining the NOC rests with IRWO itself, no explanation for which is forthcoming. It would be pertinent to mention that at the time of holding the draw of lots for IRWO Palm Court, Greater Noida in March’ 06, you had, while promising us a comfortable stay, assured in your speech that the dwelling units would be ready for occupation by June’06. In contrast, the official position in IRWO’s newsletter, published as late as Sep. ’06, states that occupation in the Greater Noida project is not possible at present as NOC has not been obtained from GNIDA. This contradictory position is being maintained by IRWO even as a few allottees have actually been allowed to move in and are living in IRWO Palm Court.

3. In another instance, Saturday last site-officials suddenly decided to make the terrace out of bounds for the allottees by locking the entrance gates causing a lot of resentment among allottees using the terrace for the purpose of drying clothes. Their assertion that use of terrace for drying clothes does not come under ‘common facility’ is far from convincing. It is common knowledge that the onset of winter necessitates drying of clothes on the terrace. Besides, allottees who, in absence of Cable TV facility, were forced to install expensive satellite dish antennas have been threatened of it being dismantled later. The term ‘common facility’ in this case is being interpreted by site officials to suit their own whims.

4. We, thus, feel our concerns have not been appreciated in the right earnest and actions denying the residents common essential facilities lack wisdom and sensitivity, are arbitrary and borne out of extraneous considerations. We are lucky the logic of not providing power back-up to the lift on the plea of less occupancy has not been extended to running of motors for water supply lest we would have been forced to meet our requirement by fetching water from taps on the ground!

5. Under the circumstances explained above, we solicit your intervention so that IRWO’s promise of providing the allottees a pleasant and comfortable stay is implemented in letter and spirit. We also take this opportunity to request you to kindly sensitise your site officials to the just requirement of the allottees so that IRWO is spared the embarrassment and botheration at the apex level for matters as trivial as opening of gates.

Thanking you,
Sincerely yours,
Sd/- 09.10.2006
(Sushil Kumar Singh)
B-801, IRWO Palm Court,
Alpha–I, Greater Noida ,
Dist.: G.B. Nagar (U.P.)
PIN - 201 308
Mob. No.9312670246


Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear fellow allottees,

A beginning has been made to form an ad-hoc committee to look after / manage the affairs of IRWO Palm Court, Alpha-I, Greater Noida. We have written to MD, IRWO seeking assistance in forming the ad-hoc committee which will act as a precursor to the formation of a duly elected regular committee. Text of the letter is reproduced below.

Wishing you a happy living in IRWO Palm Court.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Managing Director,
Indian Railway Welfare Organisation,
Minto Bridge, Behind Shankar Market,
New Delhi - 110 001.

Sub: Constitution of an Adhoc committee of the allottes residing at IRWO Palm Court, Greater Noida.


A meeting of the allottes residing at IRWO Palm Court, Greater Noida, was held on 27.08.06 and IRWO representatives at site office were apprised of the pathetic situation prevailing in the confines of the IRWO compound. Representatives of IRWO appreciated our concerns and took some remedial measures.

In continuation of the meeting held on 27.8.06 a second meeting was organized on 17.09.06 and residents unanimously resolved to constitute an adhoc body which will be a prelude to constitution of regular elected body to assist IRWO in sorting out the problems being faced by the residents and assist in supervision of the staff engaged for maintenance of the complex, park, lifts and running of the generator sets. Some of the problems/anomalies/apprehension of the residents are as under:

a) Water logging in the portico with lifts, which are potential breeding ground of dengue mosquitoes, needs immediate attention.

b) Water logging in the corridors due to improper slopes, which forces water from corridor to flat (some people have already made hole in front of their houses so that rain water does not enter their flat).

c) There is no T V cable service provider in the society as IRWO representatives have been saying that it can be take up by the representatives of the society only. Although DTH service providers like DISH TV / TATA SKY and local cable operator are interested in extending their network free of cost but residents have been compelled to leave in an isolated world for the last four months.

d) There is no telephone service in the society as this issue can also be take up by the representatives of the society only. Although telephone service providers (Reliance, Tata Indicom, Airtel and BSNL) are willing to extend their network, the matter could not be finalized in absence of representatives of the society. Thanks to cheap mobile services available now-a-days lest the resident would have been living as aliens in the confines of the IRWO complex without TV and telephone services.

e) Residents are facing problem due to non-running of generator sets for providing permanent power backup to the lifts. We the residents appreciate the austerity being shown by IRWO by running the generator sets only on request of the user but are very much apprehensive about the actual running hours being shown in the logbook, if any maintained for the purpose. By liberal estimate the generator set on an average is being run for not more than two hours but the quantity of fuel being consumed is not known to the residents. At the same time we feel the hours of backup should be extended or alternatively lift attendant should always be available to start the generator set, if one is to go upstairs.

In view of the above problems we the residents of the IRWO have decided to constitute an adhoc committee which will expedite solutions to the pending issues in association with IRWO. It is therefore requested that IRWO may give suitable date and time so that residents of the society can meet them and complete the pre-requisite formalities for constituting an adhoc committee and expedite formation of a regular elected body.

I have been authorized by the residents of IRWO Palm Court to interact with IRWO on behalf of the residents, for constitution of an adhoc body, which will assist IRWO in supervision, till the constitution of a regular body.

Thanking you,
(Sushil Kumar Singh)
Section Officer/E(O)III
Room No. 211,
Rail Bhavan,
New Delhi - 110 001.
Phone: +91-11-23303258

Res.: B-801,
IRWO Palm Court,
Greater Noida -201308.
Mob: +91-9312670246

E-Mail : irwopalmcourt@hotmail.com

Copy to:
a) The General Secretary, IRPOF, Room No. 268, Rail Bhawan.
b) The General Secretary, AIRF, Room No. 253, Rail Bhawan
c) The General Secretary, NFIR, Room No. 256-C, Rail Bhawan
d) All allottees.